SCAM Gallery


4900 SEK
Printed on Vinyl Banner, 70x100 cm
Edition: 10. Signed and numbered by the artists.

Akay is one of the most recognised street artists in the world and has been involved in developing street art as a genre for two decades. He belongs to the first generation of graffiti artists and started painting around 1985. Pretty soon he developed a personal and original style that includes not only the pure artistic expression but also the actual action and performance.

Since the early 1990s he has explored graffiti boundary marker and is one of the origins of modern street art. During the 00's he has left his mark on public space in many cities all over the world with distinctive works that often gives the place a completely new character. His basic thesis is "one man's trash, another man's treasure" – and he works almost exclusively with found materials. His work often combines social critique a distinctive aesthetic as well as a clever and thoughtful perspective of the city's many levels.

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