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In the book Urban Recreation Akay and Peter shows thirteen projects from the past four years. Best known is probably the Traffic Island, the little red cottage that stood on a cliff between two busy roads.  

Their work truly goes beyond spray cans and wheatpastes to architectural structures and installations. Using material they find on the streets, Akay and Peter take empty places and turn then into magical little oases. 

Akay is one of the most recognised street artists in the world and has been involved in developing street art as a genre for two decades. He belongs to the first generation of graffiti artists and started painting around 1985. Pretty soon he developed a personal and original style that includes not only the pure artistic expression but also the actual action and performance.

Since the early 1990s he has explored graffiti boundary marker and is one of the origins of modern street art. During the 00's he has left his mark on public space in many cities all over the world with distinctive works that often gives the place a completely new character. His basic thesis is "one man's trash, another man's treasure" – and he works almost exclusively with found materials. His work often combines social critique a distinctive aesthetic as well as a clever and thoughtful perspective of the city's many levels.

LADDER (2015) is a collaboration with Klisterpeter, one of the “founders” of Swedish street art. Together with Akay & Adams he has formed the street art scene not only in Sweden and is a major part of the continued development of its expression.  

His artistic career began with graffiti in the end of the 1980s in Arboga. Ten years later, moving to Stockholm, he painted classical graffiti under the name Free. Soon he befriended Akay and together they began joint street art campaigns and the close cooperation that has lasted for over 15 years. Their first joint work was the much acclaimed cottage Traffic Island at Norrtull in Stockholm. On his own Klisterpeter is well known for his animal stencils, deer stickers, and birdhouses.

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